While other A-V companies profess to be experts at everything A-V, we focus on doing just a few things very well.

INSTALLATION / SYSTEM INTEGRATION – We install LCD projectors, screens, PA systems and virtually everything else that goes into creating a presentation system that works well for your application.

A-V EQUIPMENT RENTAL – Francis Audio-Visual has been in the rental business longer than any other company in Central New York. We rent a complete selection of projectors, screens, PA systems and other hard to find meeting accessories such as conference phones, tour guide PA systems, staging, etc. We’re at an easy to find location for you to come and pick up your equipment or we can deliver it and set it up anywhere in CNY for a reasonable fee.

EVENT STAGING - If you are planning an event or special occasion (whether you’re a professional meeting planner or a newly elected amateur), we have years of experience to help you make that event an effective and memorable one.

THE BEAUTY IS IN THE DETAILS - It’s easy to produce a mediocre event, conference or meeting. But a polished trouble-free event is not only desirable, but realistic when you combine it with our experience.

Francis Audio-Visual provides top notch service with high performance equipment to make your meetings what they should be, fantastic!

DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES –Whereas in the 80’s and 90’s A-V was all about the equipment, aka hardware, today A-V is largely about the software that brings the hardware to life. We can help you create and distribute your content in an affordable down-to-earth manner. We offer DVD and CD duplication, audio and video live recording, editing, duplication and disc labeling.

Today’s businesses require more and more technology to get noticed and be successful. Sales presentations and meetings are becoming more impressive and extravagant every day. Keeping up with the latest technology can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Some companies choose to invest in full sound system installations, while others may only need periodic equipment rental. When you consider the high cost of sound system equipment purchase and the salaries of the technicians to manage the systems, if you are not going to need the equipment on a regular basis then it is well worth your money to invest in the rental services of Francis Audio-Visual for your A-V needs.

Francis A-V serves the entire Syracuse Metropolitan area, including all of Central New York (Utica, Rochester, Binghamton, etc.), and whether you need rental or installation of a simple LCD projector, wireless microphone, conference phone, flat panel TV, or an entire PA sound system, Francis A-V can take care of it with ease. We will install and remove all equipment for you, making your presentation nearly effortless and extremely effective.

Francis A-V will provide the professional guidance that your company requires to put on a perfect presentation, every time. No guesswork is involved when you design your own quality A-V package with our experienced technicians. The key to a successful A-V rental is having nobody notice the sound system at all! The only reason the A-V usually gets noticed is when the quality is poor or it doesn’t work properly. That is a quick way to ruin an otherwise perfectly good event.

Francis A-V has been serving the Syracuse and surrounding Central New York area for over 30 years, meeting a wide variety of A-V rental and installation needs of professionals and businesses, as well as serving the needs of those hosting private events. By paying close attention to every detail of you’re A-V needs, we are able to help you put on the most polished and professional presentations possible.

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DVD & CD From VHS & Cassettes

Ever go to the Flea market and see the hundreds and hundreds of VHS videos for sale for a dollar each? Yes, they’re mostly movies but if you’re one of those people like me who had a VHS camcorder (that’s what they called them back in those days), you may have dozens of video cassettes sitting on a shelf beneath you TV collecting dust (I do and I own the business!).

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Although LCD projector has become the generic term, there are a number of newer technologies that have entered the market in recent years. LCD was the first. LCD or “Liquid Crystal Display” is a technology where light is projected through “LCD” glass and the image is focused and viewed on a screen.

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Tripod screens have been around for a long time. We all saw them in school and church and they are still very popular. My company rents them and sells them. For a long time that’s all there was for truly portable projection screens. Then in the 1990’s, a new screen came along marketed by Da-Lite Screen Company as the Insta-Theater.